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    Swim workout: Pacing practice by coach Miranda Tomenson

    200-400 warmup

    4x50 choice (20s rest) 

    *choice can be drills or faster swimming, something you know you need to improve or work on, given the theme of the workout something like 50ez, 50 fast would work to get a sense of pacing


    3-5 times: 

    100 easy

    100 medium

    100 harder

    *You could take 10-30s in between 100s. Typically, the more advanced the swimmer, the shorter rest they may need


    200 cool down

    This is called a descending workout and is great as you approach race season. Since you can’t usually check your pace during an open water swim, it’s a great way to develop a feel for what a given pace is. It also helps you develop endurance and durability by having to start slow and finish fast. You can progress this workout by doing descending 200s, 300s or even 400s! 

    Miranda Tomenson is the owner/founder of Tomenson Performance & Wellness. Miranda has been coaching athletes for 18 years. She has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities, from novice young swimmers to adult runners, swimmers and triathletes. She currently enjoys working with adult athletes who want to achieve their own best performances in endurance sports, while not sacrificing their work, family and personal life to do so. Miranda's athletes consistently make personal best times, and a few have qualified for the Ironman 70.3 and ITU Age Group World Championships. Miranda was given an honourable mention for coach of the year from Triathlon Ontario in 2016. 

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    Hill workout for the run by Coach Phaedra Kennedy

    PK’s Power Pyramid 

    15-20 minute warm up

    Do this 2-3 x through:

    10 seconds uphill @ 5 km + effort, 90 seconds recovery (walking downhill)

    20 seconds uphill @ 5 km + effort, 90 seconds recovery (walking downhill)

    30 seconds uphill @ 5 km + effort, 90 seconds recovery (walking downhill)

    Workout notes:  This workout is all about power + running economy.  The focus here is on EFFORT, not pace. These repeats should be hard but controlled.  

    Form cues to think about:  Lean from your ankles, not your waist, keep your chest up + look up the hill vs, down at the ground.  Use your arms to help drive you up the hill.

    Phaedra Kennedy or “PK” to most people has been coaching runners + triathletes of all levels since 2015. She is an NCCP trained triathlon coach an NAASFP Certified Run Coach, CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer and a DTS Level One Exercise Coach. In 2017 she started PK Performance Coaching so she could help novice and intermediate endurance athletes level up their performance. She believes moving well is the key to performing well and strives to help athletes integrate regular mobility + strength work into their lives.

    As a life long endurance athlete, Phaedra has completed the Boston Marathon three times and tackled the 70.3 World Champs in Nice, France. She’s completed every triathlon distance from sprint to Ironman and is currently training for her bucket list race, Challenge Roth in July.

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    Avoiding panic in the open water by coach Kevin

    • Critical to get a good warmup and raise your heart rate before any hard sets in an open water training swim or before the start of a race. 
    • Make sure to get plenty of open water swim practice. Swimming in a pool is very different than swimming in open water.

    Open water workout:

    1. 15 min warmup – include a few hard efforts as you would before a race 
    2. 3 x 10-20 min (depending on your key race distance) trying to go further with each swim. Take 1-2 min rest between each 10 min. 
    3. In open water your line is as important as your speed so make sure you are sighting frequently to swim straight

    Meet Kevin McCormick,  NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach; Triathlon Ontario Certificate –Exercise Physiology for Triathlon; CanFit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist [in training]
    Kevin has been working in the endurance sports world for 12 years and competing as an athlete for 21 years. He is the Owner of GoFasterGetFurther Coaching. Kevin is motivated by helping athletes achieve race distances and times that they never thought possible. He helps athletes train with consistency and focus, balanced with the rest of life. Outside of triathlon Kevin enjoys hockey, golf, time with his family, and having a beer while talking about all things sports.

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    Classic Speed Set by coach Tara

    Here is a classic speed workout for the run:

    8 to 12 X 400m, 60s rest.  This back-to-basics workout should be done at ~5k race effort.  

    Try to be consistent with the pace throughout the set.  If you are still holding the time at the end, you can pick it up for the last few.

    Don’t forget at solid 2k warm up and 2k cool down

    Meet Tara Postnikoff, Hon BA, RNCP, NCCP-certified coach

    As the owner and founder of HEAL™ (HEALTHY EATING ACTIVE LIVING™), Tara Postnikoff has been coaching people through healthy eating and active living since 2006.  As a sports nutritionist, triathlon coach and personal trainer, Tara is passionate about helping athletes eat better and perform better and focuses on a balanced approach to eating, training and life in general.   As a Triathlete, Tara over the past 15 years, has competed in all distances from Try-a-tri to Ironman, and is currently training for the ITU Sprint WC in Montreal and the Ironman 70.3 WC in Utah.

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