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Swim workout: Pacing practice by coach Miranda Tomenson

14 Jun 2022 7:43 PM | Anonymous

Swim workout: Pacing practice by coach Miranda Tomenson

200-400 warmup

4x50 choice (20s rest) 

*choice can be drills or faster swimming, something you know you need to improve or work on, given the theme of the workout something like 50ez, 50 fast would work to get a sense of pacing


3-5 times: 

100 easy

100 medium

100 harder

*You could take 10-30s in between 100s. Typically, the more advanced the swimmer, the shorter rest they may need


200 cool down

This is called a descending workout and is great as you approach race season. Since you can’t usually check your pace during an open water swim, it’s a great way to develop a feel for what a given pace is. It also helps you develop endurance and durability by having to start slow and finish fast. You can progress this workout by doing descending 200s, 300s or even 400s! 

Miranda Tomenson is the owner/founder of Tomenson Performance & Wellness. Miranda has been coaching athletes for 18 years. She has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities, from novice young swimmers to adult runners, swimmers and triathletes. She currently enjoys working with adult athletes who want to achieve their own best performances in endurance sports, while not sacrificing their work, family and personal life to do so. Miranda's athletes consistently make personal best times, and a few have qualified for the Ironman 70.3 and ITU Age Group World Championships. Miranda was given an honourable mention for coach of the year from Triathlon Ontario in 2016. 

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