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To be Toronto’s leading multi-sport community, dedicated to connecting and developing triathletes of all levels. 

Mission Statement

The Toronto Triathlon Club is a not-for- profit organization which seeks to bring together and develop a community of adult multi-sport athletes, from recreational to elite.

Coaching excellence is at our core and through this the Club strives to:

  • Encourage athletic growth and performance
  • Provide group training and learning opportunities through participation in coached workouts, clinics and camps; and
  • Support, by bringing members together to socialize and connect with like-minded individuals.

Fundraising disclaimer: The Toronto Triathlon Club recognizes and encourages the efforts of our members and others active in the triathlon community to raise funds for worthy causes. Due to the number of requests received by the Club we cannot respond to them all. If you would like to promote a fund-raising event or personal fund-raising effort please feel free to do so through the Toronto Triathlon Facebook page.


The Toronto Triathlon Club started in 2003 as a group of friends interested in triathlon. It existed informally for a number of years as an online community, with members getting together to train, race and share successes. The growing popularity of the sport of triathlon and duathlon combined with the sizable Toronto market created an opportunity for a club that would provide a community of support for multisport athletes of all levels of ability in pursuing their athletic goals. The Toronto Triathlon Club evolved to fill that need. We are a club serving the needs of adult age group multisport athletes.

In 2006 a set of by-laws were created, a formal volunteer board structure was put together and the Toronto Triathlon Club was established as a not-for-profit organization. In the first year of operation we developed important sponsor relationships with local retailers and businesses to enhance member value. We also established ourselves as Toronto's only Triathlon Ontario sanctioned club at the time.

Our members participate in races ranging from "try-a-tri" right up to iron-distance triathlons and duathlons. We successfully run Training Camps and numerous clinics to help our members with the many intricacies and challenges of multisport training and racing. The TTC website continues to be refined as a true information centre for the triathlon and duathlon community in the GTA. The membership grows steadily each year, as we welcome new and experienced athletes to join us.

As we commence our 16th full year of operation, we  see continued growth in providing value to our members. The club provides workout opportunities in all three disciplines - swim, bike and run – throughout the year. We have also strengthened our value to members with the addition of new sponsors and group workout opportunities. We remain dedicated to growing the sports of triathlon and duathlon in the GTA, and providing an environment in which multisport athletes are able to develop their fitness and their skills in each discipline of the sport.

We are a ‘member-driven’ club allowing the needs and desires of our member base to shape the benefits and services we offer. Whether you are a competitive age-grouper pursing a personal best or are new to the sport, the Toronto Triathlon Club can give you the opportunity to learn and grow with others who share your goals.

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The Toronto Triathlon Club is non-profit organization & sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario.

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