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Pre-workout and post-workout nutrition tips by coach Tara

05 Jul 2022 10:50 AM | Anonymous

Pre-workout and post-workout nutrition tips by coach Tara

Don't waste your workout! You invest so much time into training, that you'd better invest some time and consideration towards the engine (aka your body) that allows you to train. Pre-exercise remember to hydrate with 250-500mL of fluids and to fuel with about 1-1.5g of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight on your quality and long workouts. Post run remember the 3Rs of Recovery in the first 60 mins following a workout: Rehydrate, Refuel and Repair. Rehydrate with 500mL of fluids to start, Refuel with 1-1.5g of carbs per kg/body weight and Repair with 10-15g of high quality lean protein.

Don’t skip the recovery meal or snack after long or intense exercise, or if exercising again in less than 12 hours. The mindset of many still involves a hesitation to consume calories after just burning them. In order to optimize the benefits of a training session and jumpstart recovery for maximal gains, it is critical to consume a post workout meal that blends both carbs and protein

Meet Tara Postnikoff, Hon BA, RNCP, NCCP-certified coach

As the owner and founder of HEAL™ (HEALTHY EATING ACTIVE LIVING™), Tara Postnikoff has been coaching people through healthy eating and active living since 2006. As a sports nutritionist, triathlon coach and personal trainer, Tara is passionate about helping athletes eat better and perform better and focuses on a balanced approach to eating, training and life in general. As a Triathlete, Tara over the past 15 years, has competed in all distances from Try-a-tri to Ironman, and is currently training for the ITU Sprint WC in Montreal and the Ironman 70.3 WC in Utah.

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