How to Improve Your Swimming

01 Jun 2012 8:59 PM | Deleted user


On May 31 2012, Kyle Resnick presented a truly valuable clinic “How to improve your swimming” for members of the Toronto Triathlon Club. Kyle is a swim coach and instructor at Absolute Endurance, who swam on the national team for NYAC for several years and at Canada's Olympic Trials. During the one hour clinic, Kyle demonstrated and explained key features of the swim stroke, including typical areas in need of improvement for most triathletes. Using the endless pool at the Absolute Endurance facility, Kyle explained the benefits of the pool as a training device. The flow of water created by the pool enhances the swimmers awareness of efficiency as the swim stroke is modified and improved. The swim demonstration clearly showed efficient swimming, and there were ample opportunities for questions during the session. Members attending received a complimentary 30 minute swim stroke analysis session generously provided by Kyle and Absolute Endurance. Kyle will also contribute to our open water swim sessions at Cherry Beach this summer. It will be an opportunity not to be missed. Many thanks to Absolute Endurance, a club sponsor, for their ongoing support of the Toronto Triathlon Club.

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