TTC Virtual Training - Interval Ride

  • 27 Aug 2020
  • 7:00 AM - 8:15 AM



Feeling sad riding all on your own? Want a good boost to your fitness and some motivation during your ride? Join Kevin for a 70-minute bike workout.

These rides are designed to improve the cyclist’s or triathlete’s power at lactate threshold.

Kevin will start the ride at 7am (join via the Zoom link provided). During the first 5 minutes you will do a self-selected warmup while the main workout is explained. At 7:05am the main workout will start. Kevin will then lead everyone through the 70min workout. 

Kevin will provide the link to the workout via TrainingPeaks. For those on Zwift or Trainer Road you can download the workout in advance. Have your own training program and want to do that instead? No problem. You can do your own workout and still ride with the group on Zoom. 

*If you are using Zwift, follow Kevin McCormick (from Canada) so he can invite you to the meet-up. We will use the “Keep Everyone Together Option” so you will be riding with fellow TTCers regardless of power. You will join the meet-up at 7:05am (you can’t be late!). 

- Bike, bike shoes
- Trainer
- Computer and/or iPhone to follow workout

If you are a non-member and would like to participate in this workout as a trial (and have not yet participated in a TTC event on a trial basis this year), please email *This option is not available if you are a former TTC member and have allowed your membership to lapse. 

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