OWS Skills & Practice

  • 03 May 2020
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Western Tech, 125 Evelyn Cres, Toronto, ON
  • 6



Are you new to open water swimming? Or are you looking to refresh or improve your open water swim skills to become more efficient? Do you have an early season race and not much time for open water practice beforehand? If so, this clinic is for you!

Description: Open water swimming can present lots of different challenges to different people and the purpose of this clinic is to learn how to safely and calmly overcome those challenges in the open water. 

Details: Swimmers will learn the basics of swim attire for open water. Including different types (sleeveless, full sleeve wetsuits, swim skins, bathing suits) and how you might choose what to wear in a triathlon. How to put on a wetsuit and how to take a wetsuit off quickly will be covered. Participants also learn how to safely and quickly execute an open water start, how to manage in a dense pack of other swimmers and how to sight and navigate properly in open water. This clinic will also go over how to effectively draft in a pack and the basics of open water racing strategy.  

Minimum Requirements: Participants must be able to swim 100 metres unassisted and without touching the bottom in a 25m pool. 

Needed: Appropriate swim wear (try to bring your own or a rented wetsuit), goggles and preferably a swim cap and a water bottle, warm clothes for deck, 2-3 warm towels. 

Coach: Kevin McCormick

(Minimum is 4 participants, Limited to 12 participants)

Refunds will be given if we have to cancel the program due to not meeting minimum numbers (you will be notified 2 days prior if this is the case) or if the city/venue cancels a permit or if cancelled due to weather. 

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