TTC Swim Clinic - Kick and Flip Turns

  • 09 Feb 2019
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • DA Morrison
  • 4


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Are you a swimmer who wants to learn how to improve your swim efficiency? Do your flip turns leave you breathless or with water up your nose? Do your legs sink when you swim? Did you know flip turns and a better kick improve your efficiency in the water, help you stay more relaxed when swimming and can lead to a faster open water swim? If so, then our Kick and Flip Clinic is for you! 

What is it? The Toronto Triathlon Club will be hosting a 2hr clinic to focus specifically on learning the fundamentals of how to flip turn and how to improve your freestyle kick.

Why do it? Improving swim efficiency is crucial for triathletes. Both flip turns and kicking is crucial for anyone who is hoping to increase their speed, aerobic endurance and confidence in the pool. Flip turns improve swim efficiency and make pool swimming more similar to open water swimming (because they eliminate the break at the wall). Kicking efficiency is necessary for proper body roll during the freestyle swim and can make triathletes more comfortable in the water and less reliant on a wetsuit for buoyancy.

Details: This clinic will be divided into two parts: (1) Flip turns and (2) Kicking.

First, the basics about how to safely and effectively execute flip turns for lap swimming will be covered. In the pool, you will be taken through a progression that will gradually help you learn how to properly execute a flip turn. By the end of the clinic, you should know how to safely approach the wall at speed, how to maintain your spatial awareness during the actual flip part of the turn and how to push off underwater once the turn is completed.  

Second, the clinic will focus on the freestyle kick. Specifically, how to develop ankle flexibly, proper kicking mechanics and efficiency. First, ankle flexibility and strength exercises focused on an improved kick will be demonstrated. Once in the pool, participants will learn how to execute a proper freestyle kick using a variety of drills

Requirements: Appropriate swim wear, goggles and preferably a swim cap and a water bottle, kick boards are recommended, warm clothes for deck.

Participants must be able to swim 100 metres unassisted and without touching the bottom in a 25m pool

Coach: Sam Johnson

Limited to: 12 participants 

Notes: Please plan on arriving early to change. 

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