September Swim Clinic#1 - Other Strokes & Skills

  • 05 Sep 2017
  • 6:30 AM - 7:45 AM
  • Regent Park AC
  • 3


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*If you fail to attend this clinic after signing up, you will be charged a $20 missed session fee.  If you can not make it, you must email 24 hours in advance.

·    Learn backstroke and breast stroke and flip turns!

·    The first part of this clinic will teach you how to swim proper backstroke and breast stroke. These are ideal strokes to know for those who commonly get shoulder pain from swimming, or to compliment your freestyle swimming or to make you a stronger and more confident swimmer.

·    We will go through a progression of drills focused on how to kick on your back, body position and proper timing of the back stroke. We will focus on the breaststroke kick, the breast stroke pull and the timing of the stroke. 

·    Learn how to flip turn in the second part of this clinic. Flip turns make you a more efficient swimmer and improve your feel for the water.

·    We will go over how to do a proper flip-turn and progress from how to do a somersault to how to execute a proper flip turn.

·    Breakdown: 10min warmup, 20 mins back stroke clinic, 20mins breast stroke clinic, 25mins flip turn clinic

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