Cycling Aerodynamics Clinic & Virtual Wind Tunnel

  • 04 May 2017
  • 7:15 PM
  • X3 Training Lab- 253 Broadview Ave


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Aerodynamics is everything, right? We spend thousands of dollars on superbikes, carbon wheels, exotic helmets, and intimate-fitting kits. Yet we often undervalue the role that our position on the bike plays in getting more speed from our watts. Visit the Lab to learn about new methods of determining aerodynamic drag and how those techniques can make you faster on the bike in 2017. 

Join us on Thursday May 4th at 7:15pm for a clinic on Cycling Aerodynamics, hosted and presented by sponsor Michael Liberzon at the X3 Training Lab.

This clinics will talk about

- physics of aerodynamics (brief!)

- road vs tri bikes

- rider position

- components: wheels and bars

- clothing

- aero testing and optimization

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