Transition Clinic @ Cherry Beach

  • 06 Jul 2016
  • 6:30 PM
  • Cherry Beach
  • 15


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Mastering Transition!
T1, T2 and everything in between!
Looking to save a few seconds or even minutes off your triathlon time?  This transition clinic will teach you how to set up your transition area in order to get from swim to bike and bike to run as quickly as possible!  Bring your wetsuit, bike and run gear and practice these valuable skills.

 - a review of what to bring (handout)
- how to lay your transition area out
- lay of the land - know your exits/entrances
- T1 swim to bike - exiting water, removing wetsuit, exiting T1, how to mount your bike
- T2 bike to run - dismount, getting out of T2 quickly
- to attach your shoes to pedals or not
- how to mount/dismount your bike

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