Training with Power

  • 19 Jan 2016
  • 7:00 PM
  • EnduroSport Leaside


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Want to race faster at all distances?

Training with power is widely recognized as the most effective way to improve your performance on the bike. If you want to ride smarter and faster in a race to ensure you are at your best for starting the run then a power meter is the best tool for the job. 

Using a power meter in a long steady-state race such as a triathlon or long time trial is almost like cheating. When everyone else is fighting a head wind, excitedly going too fast down wind or guessing how hard to push when going up hill, the athlete with a power meter is just rolling along at the prescribed power. He or she will produce the fastest possible ride given the conditions so long as the optimal target power has been determined through training and observed closely during the race. While something similar can be done with heart rate there are some confounding factors such as the excitement of a race, cardiac drift, the acute effect of diet and the slow response of pulse on hills, accelerating out of corners or when passing others.- Joe Friel

The cost of adding a power meter to your bike setup has come down significantly in the last few years which opens up the opportunities of training with power to many more triathletes.

Come to the Clinic!

On January 19th Nigel from NRG Performance will present a clinic on training with power, including instructions on using your power meter to guide your training effort.

This talk will cover:

  • How to use power, 
  • What is FTP 
  • How to find your your functional threshold power (FTP)
  • What to do with your FTP Value
  • How to use power to calibrate your PE, 
  • And how to better execute your workouts and monitor your progression and race with power
Nigel will also present a quick overview of the types of power meters available and different options for training with power.
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