Order TTC Club Wear!

About the Order Process

The Toronto Triathlon Club is introducing new Club Wear as well as a new order process!
  • The club will no longer be maintaining an inventory of club wear. 
  • This means there will never be a shortage of popular sizes, and that the club can offer a wider variety of options in various price and quality ranges.  There is something for everyone:  the budget conscious or the tech aficionado.
  • This also means you must order in advance and wait for delivery.  
  • Plan ahead!  Refer to the Order Calendar below for purchase deadlines and expected delivery dates. 
  • A $12 delivery charge will be added to your order to cover the cost of shipping.
  • Since all orders are custom, that means no refunds. All sales are final! 
  • Please be sure to refer to the sizing chart, fit descriptions or (even better) come to key TTC events to try on the clothes prior to ordering.
  • Click here for frequently asked questions (FAQ) document which will be updated regularly
Regular Orders are CLOSED for 2017! 
See below for inventory items available for purchase

Order Calendar

  • The club will attempt to place 4-5 orders per year.
  • Orders for 2017 are CLOSED, look for announcements for future order deadlines.
  • When orders are open, the order Calendar is published here, indicating order close dates (in red), and expected shipping dates (in blue).
  • Purchases made after 11:59pm on the Order Close Date will be queued for the next order cycle.
  • Purchases must be paid in full in order to be included in the bulk order.
  • NOTE:  minimum of 10 orders must be met to place the order. If not met, purchasers will be notified with the option for a full refund.  
Upcoming Fit Opportunities:
  • The Club currently has a limited selection of samples for members to try on prior to ordering
  • For fit questions, please refer to the sales page or contact marketing@torontotriathlonclub.org


Please email: marketing@torontotriathlonclub.org to order any of these items.

Sizing Chart

Please click here for the Champion System sizing chart.

About Champion System

The Toronto Triathlon Club is pleased to announce a partnership with Champion Systems. Champion Systems is a leader in custom triathlon and cycling gear, providing a wide range of apparel choices at various quality and price points. This partnership allows the club to provide competitive pricing and maximum flexibility for ordering quantities.

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