Bike Fit & Purchase Clinic

28 Feb 2013 8:22 AM | Anonymous
On February 21st our shop sponsor Enduro Sport held a 'Bike Fit & Purchase' clinic for our members to offer advice on bike fit, answer questions, and help explain the various bikes, components, etc. that are available to triathletes. There is a wealth of information and new product offerings in the triathlon industry which can be overwhelming for both new and experienced triathletes alike when trying to decide on what gear to buy, so having our knowledgeable friends from Enduro Sport there to help was greatly appreciated by our members, as was the discount TTC gets on clinic nights!

"The folks knew what they were talking about and they helped get me sorted with some stuff I needed!"

Thanks to Enduro Sport for hosting a great clinic! 

For anyone who is interested in getting more hands on bike maintenance skills (e.g. fixing flats, changing components, general upkeep), Enduro Sport will be running a Hands on Bike Prep & Maintenance clinic beginning in April which will be held over 4 weeks. 

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