Recovery, Regeneration, and Peak Performance - by Dr. Greg Wells

27 Jan 2013 9:42 PM | Anonymous
January 27th

Dr. Greg Wells put on an excellent talk tonight on 'Recovery, Regeneration, and Peak Performance.' It was very well attended by around 30 TTC members in attendance. 

Wells took us through the various stages of a workout and covered topics such as hydration and nutrition, stretching, cool-down and exercise, inflammation, brain activity and sleep. He did a great job explaining the science behind training and recovery, while also making sure to balance it out with practical info we could all apply to our training.

A copy of his handouts has been requested and will be posted in the Members Area of our site shortly.

Thanks to Dr. Greg Wells for inspiring many of us through his very insightful clinic and Absolute Endurance for graciously hosting us!

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