Winter Training Clinic - by Nigel Gray

25 Jan 2013 12:18 PM | Anonymous
Nigel Gray, club coach and Head Coach of NRG Performance Training held a Winter Training Clinic at Enduro Sport on January 24th.

The Winter Training Clinic was a great followup to Nigel's 'Off-season Training Clinic'. As the off-season comes to an end it is time to start focusing on building your base for the upcoming season. In his talk, Nigel pointed out the key DOs and DONTs for the winter to maximize your training to increase performance in the months to come.

In case you missed it, you can find Nigel's slideshow from the clinic here under 'Clinic and Seminar Notes' in our Members Area (must be logged in).

Reviews from TTC members who attended the event:

(1) "I thoroughly enjoyed the clinic and found that the material covered was useful, but also that a lot of the accompanying discussion (questions and answers) was very useful as additional information. I think the timing of the clinic (early in the New Year) was very appropriate as the talk left me feeling motivated to start pushing more in my training and get out of the low-intensity rut I've been in since the fall.
I can't think of any particular improvements, I think it was already a great clinic. I'm really impressed with the frequency and types of clinics being held recently and coming up. They are very interesting and applicable topics, and the speakers have all been good. Kudos to whoever is arranging these!"

(2) "First of all, it's great to get the perspective of a pro, and a coach at that, can't go wrong with that. But the info itself was really detailed and practical. I was worried that it would be too complicated, but Nigel made it all easy to understand, even all the numbers. I liked his emphasis on feeling good in what you're doing, not just mechanically following an unchangeable master plan. Obviously he's seen that play out for the athletes under his care, so I trust his opinion.
There were a few new perspectives in there for me, like cycling of recovery periods or how we should time our weaker sports before the stronger ones to do them properly without being tired. I was just really glad that this wasn't "b.s." but really interesting and focused ideas on how to organize your training life.
The talk was just long enough, and we had plenty of time to ask questions. Overall A+. :D"
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