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  • 06 Apr 2015 7:53 PM | Anonymous

    We held a contest last week for new members to tell us why they wanted to win a 4 month Computrainer Rental ftp, BikeWatts - A prize donated to the membership drive.  The original winner (David Leith) already had a power trainer and wanted to give back to the community.  

    Congrats Diana! 

    I've always had a love of running and swimming, but these were mostly recreational.  The extent of my cycling was in my neighbourhood as an alternate mode of transportation during the summer months.
    My tri journey started last year when I decided to do the Orillia Subaru Try-A-Tri on a whim.  I signed up a month before the race, and did whatever training I could at my local track, on my mountain bike, and in the community outdoor pool.  
    On race day I felt as ready as I would ever be.  I came out of the water 3 in my wave (it was exhilarating), only to lose any time i had gained on the bike course.  I was using my trusty (heavy as a cow) hybrid bike, and could only concentrate on two things; the sound of people passing me: 'on your left', and the burn in my quads.  I managed to make up some ground on the run and finished 28 th in my wave out of 120.  From the moment on, I was hooked.  I knew i would need a road bike if I was going to have any chance of competing in a longer distance than a Try.
    In November I purchased a road bike, but haven't yet used it, because I dont own a trainer, and feel intimidated walking into a Watts Up training sesson as a complete newbie not even knowing how to properly use my bike.  This however is my goal.  I refuse to let the cycle be my demise, and I want to start the outdoor riding season (when will the threat of frostbite ever subside in this city) with some training sessions under my belt.
    This year my intention is to sign up for at least 4 triathlons ranging in distance from a try (1st of the season), to an olympic distance.  I'm certain that i could complete an Olympic distance right now if not for the bike, so receiving this generous gift would surly help me on my way.
    Thanks Toronto Tri club for providing the opportunity to train with like minded people!
    Diana Gonzalez

  • 09 Mar 2015 8:57 AM | Anonymous

    Join us for our Annual Membership Drive on March 22 at the Brazen Head pub!  Come meet other club members, meet the board, meet the coaches and sponsors.  Learn how to train for your first triathlon and what to expect.  Come try on club wear, pick up your swag bag (new members only) and socialize with the largest adult Tri Club in Canada!  

    Annual Membership Drive and Recruiting Social

  • 17 Feb 2015 5:48 PM | Anonymous

     Bib  Name  Place  Time
       HEAT 1    
     177  Imran Ghaznawi  1  0:58
     185  Andrew Forbes  2  1:03
     189  Michael Liberzon  3  1:05
     182  David Noseworthy  4  1:08
     188  Bob Lesser  5  1:11
       HEAT 2    
     180  Thomas Espiard  1  1:06
     184  Henry Bada  2  1:07
     187  Scott Rathbone  3  1:18
     179  Sandra Li  4  1:27
     190  Kate MacDonald  5  1:32
       HEAT 3    
     183  Harry Fan  1  1:19
     181  Lori Goodfellow  2  1:33

  • 17 Feb 2015 5:43 PM | Anonymous

     Bib  Name  Place  Time
       HEAT 1    
     177  Imran Ghaznawi  1  5:12
     191  Rod Diaz  2  5:34
     178  Gord Peck  3  5:35
     185  Andrew Forbes  4  6:22
     188  Bob Lesser  5  6:26
     182  David Noseworthy  6  6:36
     187  Scott Rathbone  7  7:02
       HEAT 2    
     186  Anna Fiorito  1  6:44
     179  Sandra Li  2  7:25:36
     181  Lori Goodfellow  3  7:25:54
     183  Harry Fan  4  8:20
     190  Kate MacDonald  5  8:21

  • 17 Feb 2015 5:25 PM | Anonymous

     Bib  Name  Place  Time
       HEAT 1    
     177  Imran Ghaznawi  1  10:30:37
     193  David Levy  2  11:27
     191  Rod Diaz  3  11:34
     178  Gord Peck  4  12:05
     180  Thomas Espiard  5  12:30
     195  Kim Osborne  6  12:33
     182  David Noseworthy  7  14:28
       HEAT 2    
     178 Gord Peck   1  12:16
     188  Bob Lesser  2  13:11
     189  Michael Liberzon  3  13:11
     186  Anna Fiorito  4  13:15
     182  David Noseworthy  5  13:39
     179  Sandra Li  6  14:59
     181  Lori Goodfellow  7  14:59
     194  Henry Cheung  8  15:00
     183  Harry Fan  9  16:58

  • 26 Jan 2015 9:25 AM | Anonymous

     Place  Name  
     1  Boni Griffith  
     2  Rhea Hudson  
     3  Annabelle Glass  
     4  Tara Postnikoff  
     5  Irene Irwin  
     6  Nicole Giardin  
     7  Brenda Santos  
     1  Nate Simpson  
     2  David Levy  
     3  Michael Liberzon  
     4  Scott Rathbone  
     5  Ben Lawson  
     6  David Noseworthy  
     7  Bob Lesser  
     8  Peter Hortz  
     9  Milos Jokanovic  
     10  Robert Rotenberg  

  • 10 Nov 2014 9:25 PM | Anonymous

    The 2014 Member of the Year is Kirsten Hoedlmoser!! Kirsten went above and beyond for the club this year. She offered up her time to the Board and was quickly put to work. Kirsten was instrumental in our activities with TTF – often being referred to as Irene’s Lackey (or fondly by another word I’ll refrain from using in this forum). Kirsten was our Triathlon Ontario Club Ambassador which required her to spend multiple days working events to educate athletes about Triathlon Ontario. Kirsten never said no when asked to help out the club and for that she is Member of the Year and will receive a complimentary membership for 2015. Unfortunately Kirsten had a family affair out of town this evening and couldn't make it. However, she bought a ticket "just to support the club!" Now that's member of the year material. We would usually have our member of the year choose a prize - and since she was so instrumental in getting most of our door prizes this evening we asked her what her favourite was - and she said the Bike Fit from Endurosport so in addition to next years membership, Kirsten also wins the bike fit!

  • 10 Nov 2014 2:02 PM | Anonymous
    President: Irene Rey (formerly Marketing)
    Vice-President: Linda Kay Richards (formerly Social)
    Secretary: Lori Goodfellow (new)
    Marketing: Dennis Matthews (new)
    Social: Brenda Santos (new)
    Finance: Sean Croon (returning)
    Training: Michael Liberzon (returning)
    Membership: Sharlene Atkins (returning)
    Communications: Sandra Wong (returning)
    Sponsorship: David Noseworthy (returning)
    Past President: Jon Hopkins (ex-officio position)

  • 28 Oct 2014 5:44 PM | Anonymous

    PowerWatts Test Ride- Saturday Nov 1, 9, 10 and 11am- some spaces still remain

    MPS indoor track starts Tuesday Nov 4th.  5 Spaces remain.

    Off-Season Training with Nigel on Tuesday Nov 4th

    WattsUp Test Ride- Wednesday Nov 5th 7:30pm- details coming soon

    6 Week Cycling Base Clinic- starting Nov 14th at 6am- details coming soon

    Moksha Yoga on Sunday Nov 23rd

  • 26 Sep 2014 10:17 PM | Anonymous

    You're seen them, and you want one! Back by popular demand, order your TTC hoodie by Nov 13th and get them in time for the holiday's. These are cozy and cuddly, Roots Hoodies that can be personalized as you want. Email to order yours now!

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