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  • 19 Jul 2017 9:50 PM | Anonymous

    Thanks to everyone who participated in and volunteered for the first Toronto Triathlon Club Splash 'N Dash event in July 19th at Cherry Beach.  


    Distances: ~600m swim and ~3.5km run

    Top Finishers by Category:

    Men:  Eóin Ó'Flynn, Cody Caissie, Bernardo Majano

    Women:  Caroline Bolduc, Maryna Cowling, Michelle Karunarante

    2017.07.19_TTC Splash 'N Dash_Results.pdf

  • 10 Jul 2017 6:24 PM | Anonymous

    Our weekly Wednesday coached OWS sessions are back and they are one of the TTCs premium benefits to our members. We had over 50 athletes out last week! Now that OWS season is here, we have a few rules and guidelines to help make the evening run smoothly with so many participants.

    1.  Sign up.  We require you to sign up weekly to secure your spot and to make our check in process more efficient.  If you arrive at the beach and you have not signed up online we will not be able to check you in until we have checked in all others.   

    2.  Arrive Early.  It takes time to put on your wetsuit and get changed and checked in.  Arriving at 6:25pm will delay your entry to the water and you’ll likely miss some key instructions from the coach.  You will be given your TTC OWS latex swim cap on July 12th.  Please bring it with you each week for practice.  If you do not attend on July 12th please see the volunteer or coach at check in to receive one.  Please only take one swim cap over the course of the season.

    3.  Check In.  Please find the volunteer coordinator for check-in on the lake-side of the change station at Cherry Beach.  Check-in will commence by 6:15pm on most days.  Please be patient.  There is only one volunteer and many of you.  We need to know who enters the water as part of our insurance plan.

    4.  See Coach by 6:30pm.  After checking in with the volunteer, please  proceed to the beach, west side of the lifeguard station to see Miranda and our group leader for pre-swim instructions and review of the workout.  Each week Coach Miranda will be working on a different skill set.  For a complete list of skills that will be covered visit  If you arrive late, please wait until Miranda had given all the instructions and the practice has started before asking what you missed.

    5. Be Respectful.  There are a few other groups at Cherry Beach on Wednesday nights which results in a lot of people and sometimes some confusion.  We are all there to train and have fun, so please follow the rules.  

    6.  Splash N Dash events. Lastly on July 12, Aug 9 and Aug 30th, TTC is running a series of timed Splash N Dash (Swim/Run event).  If you want to participate please sign up on the website.  Volunteers are always welcome.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Training Director Linda-Kay at

    Linda Kay Richards

    Training Director
    Toronto Triathlon Club

  • 01 Jun 2017 10:44 AM | Anonymous

    President's Message,  May 2017

    With the 2017 racing season upon us, I wanted to update all our members on some of the exciting milestones achieved to date, as well as events and initiatives that are in the works.

    Board update

    Since the new Board year started in November, the team has been busy!  I would like to extend a huge thank you to our volunteer Board: Brenda Santos (VP); Lori Goodfellow (Treasurer); Clare McCurley (Secretary); Boni Griffith (Membership); Halley Georgas (Marketing); Jacqueline Baldwin (Sponsorship); Kimberley Mutch (Social); Linda Kay Richards (Training); and a warm welcome to Kelly Smith (Communications).  I would also like to thank: our Past President Irene Rey; Community Members Laura Betty, Diana Gonzales and Ariel Weis; our Executive Director, Tara Postnikoff; and Administrative Assistant, Elisa Iannarelli.

    Read more from David Noseworthy.

  • 28 Feb 2017 3:06 PM | Anonymous

    If you are racing an IRONMAN event this year, be aware of the new rules that have been implemented for 2017. One of the key changes is regarding front-zip tri-suits. Remember to keep the front zipper of your Toronto Triathlon Club tri-suit up! 

    To learn more about this, and all of the other new rules for IRONMAN 2017 visit this link:

  • 27 Feb 2017 2:30 PM | Anonymous

    The Toronto Triathlon Club is happy to announce a milestone moment for membership.

    For the first time in it’s 11 year history, TTC has 500 members!  

    When asked what the membership milestone means, the TTC’s Executive Director Tara Postnikoff says:  “The growing membership is exciting for the club and the sport of triathlon!  It has allowed the club to offer a larger variety of programs, and in more places across the city.  There is something for every member."

    A special thanks to all members participating in the club activities that fit your needs.  Please continue to provide feedback on programs that you are looking for in your club. 


    The Toronto Triathlon Club is a not for profit organization which offers programming, workout opportunities, skills & knowledge development and social events to a community of new and seasoned adult triathletes in the Toronto area.

    For information on how to join or renew your membership at the early bird rate, click here.

    To see a list of programs offered by the club, click here.

    General inquiries can be directed to 

  • 26 Jul 2016 4:03 PM | Anonymous

    Congratulations TTC!!

    TriClubs Make Their Mark in Muskoka!

    • "The Triclubs who participated in the Subaru IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka cranked out impressive times on the course this past weekend making the second Canadian race in the qualifying series for the IRONMAN 70.3 Pan American TriClub Championship a true nail biter in each division. Congratulations to the 15 teams who earned their slot to Puerto Rico"
    • "Toronto Triathlon club blew the competition out of the water in Division II with a 36,000 point lead. Somebody pat them on the back." 


    2016 Global Team Rankings 

    Toronto Triathlon Club (Division 2)

    • Country Position: 1
    • Regional Position: 14
    • Global Position: 24
    • Points: 104,123
    • Races: 59

  • 02 May 2016 1:36 PM | Anonymous

    As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering high quality training opportunities in a safe and effective way we are sharing our updated policy regarding group rides and rules of the road.    Please take a moment to read this thoroughly.  If you have any questions please direct them to our Training Director at  

    • All club members who wish to go on a group ride organized by the club must register on the website before the event is to take place.
    • Along with registering for the event before attending, all members will be required to check in with the group leader/coach who is leading the ride prior to the ride starting. 
    • If you decide to shorten or lengthen the ride from what is planned by the Coach/Group Leader then you must check in with the leader when you leave the group.
    • The Coach/Group Leader is there for you safety and support. They are responsible for ensuring the ride is safe and successful. As such if there are any encounters with other groups, motorists, or enforcement officers let the leader speak on behalf of the club. If the leader misses the incident please email to – include the type of car, license plate (if available), intersection, approximate time, and a brief description of what happened. Remember – no matter what happens NO yelling at anyone, it will only make the situation worse and then you are also in the wrong too.
    • Accidents happen – if you are involved in one, or witness one please get the attention of the ride leader. Try to stay calm and remember that help is on the way and all of our coaches and group leaders are first aiders.
    • Remember to listen to the ride leaders at the departure location for important information relating to the ride and any special instructions for that day.
    • Carry your Ontario Health Card, ID or ROAD ID on you at all times.  It is highly recommended to bring a cell phone in case of emergency as well as cash or a credit card.
    • All riders must carry their own bike repair kit consisting of: spare tube, tire leavers, hand pump or C02 + valve adapter.
    • Dress for the weather and ride according to the road conditions.  Don't forget your hydration and nutrition.

    All riders must adhere to the following rules of the road when riding with the TTC:

    As cyclists, we are subject to the very same provincial and local laws that govern motorized vehicles. That, of course, includes all traffic signal and stop signs. We have received complaints from both our own members and those outside the club of cyclists wearing TTC gear ignoring red lights and stop signs. This practice is dangerous – not only for the offending rider but also for other users of the road – and reflects poorly on the Toronto Triathlon Club and cyclists in general. It should not be tolerated. We call on you, our members, to call out cyclists disobeying traffic laws especially those wearing our kit. It is our collective responsibility to end this practice.

    1.    Drafting in aero bars

    The TTC does not allow the practice of drafting while in aero bars at any time. This practice is not safe for roads open to vehicular traffic and sometimes unpredictable surface conditions.  Remember that when you’re in aero bars, you cannot immediately reach your breaks or take precise evasive action should it be necessary. If the rider in front of you performs an unexpected maneuver, you can easily end up crashing, injuring not only yourself, but anyone drafting behind you. It’s not safe, so don’t do it. If you wish to ride in aero, do so at the front of a pace line, or keep at least 5m of space between you and the next rider up.  

    A- Typically we do not draft in triathlon.  However, there will be age group sprint draft legal races this year.  Note this drafting DOES NOT occur in aero position.  If you do wish to practice your draft skills this should be done on road bikes only, without clip on aero bars and practiced in safe controlled conditions in small groups. 

    2.     Pointing out road hazards

    We encourage members to learn and memorize the common hand signals used to point out obstructions and hazards on the road: potholes, dead animals, parked cars, surprise curbs, sewer grates, etc. We will go over these signals at the start of each ride, but it is your responsibility as participants in group cycling to know them, use them, and act on them.

    3.    Riding two-up or side-by-side

    While the law in Ontario does not prohibit cyclists from riding side by side when safe to do so, we must all be considerate of other vehicles and fellow cyclists. Just like we expect motorists to share the road with us, so too must we share it with them. It is therefore very important to be vigilant of vehicles approaching from behind and to shout ‘car back’ as soon as one is seen or heard. Upon hearing that warning, any riders not in the paceline should take action to fall in line.   If you are riding two-up or side-by-side, no half-wheeling or overlapping wheels.  It presents an extreme risk as you will be positioned within the front rider’s blind spot and any sideways movement or braking by that rider could result in wheels clipping and a fall involving any number of riders. 

  • 28 Apr 2016 5:39 PM | Anonymous

    The Toronto Triathlon Club Announces new Club Wear! 

    The Toronto Triathlon Club is proud to introduce a new look for club wear, to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the club in 2016.

    About the 2016 kit design

    The power of the kit comes from its strong and bold use of red, black, white and blue. The design is simple and modern and will stand the test of time. The large stacked colour blocks and clean design will look great on the podium!

    About the order process

    The club will no longer maintain an inventory. This means there will never be a shortage of popular sizes, and that the club can offer a wider variety of options in various price and quality ranges.  There is something for everyone: the budget conscious, the tech aficionado, and also women's specific fit.

    - This also means you must order in advance and wait for delivery.

    - Plan ahead! Refer to the Order Calendar on the website for purchase deadlines and expected delivery dates.

    - Since all orders are custom, that means no refunds. All sales are final!

    - Please be sure to refer to the sizing charts, fit descriptions or come to key TTC events to try on the clothes prior to ordering. 

    Click Here to order:


  • 21 Mar 2016 7:41 PM | Anonymous

    45 participated in this inaugural race on Sunday March 20th at Ryerson University Athletic Centre.  Thanks to those that came in from out of town to participate.  Thanks to all our amazing volunteers.  Thanks to ClifBar for the post race fuel, Nuun for hydration support, Dig Deep Cycling for the Wahoo Kickers, and Ryerson Athletic Centre/ Masters Swim Team for Co-Hosting the event.

    Our top racers were:
    Men Under 40: 1st- Daniel Clarke, 2nd- Benjamin Rudson, 3rd- Peter Newhook
    Men Over 40:  1st- David Levy, 2nd- Scott Gervais, 3rd- Chris Walton
    Women Under 40: 1st- Jasmin Aggarwal, 2nd Lisa Goetz, 3rd- Courtney Milligan
    Women Over 40: 1st- Lynn Tougas, 2nd- Rhea Hudson, 3rd-Chris Cassey

    Click here for the full results


  • 21 Mar 2016 12:03 PM | Anonymous

    The Toronto Triathlon Club is pleased to announce the renewal of an important partnership with the Toronto Triathlon Festival (TTF).  

    The Toronto Triathlon Club has entered into an agreement to extend the sponsorship of the ‘Toronto Triathlon Club Challenge’ for an additional two years.  The purpose of the challenge is to create a fun and friendly competition between Triathlon Clubs and their members.

    TTF is the Toronto Triathlon Club’s official club race, and encourages all clubs to participate in this world class event.  Looking forward to seeing many enthusiastic faces on race day!

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