Swim Meet , February 29, 2012

29 Feb 2012 8:08 PM | Anonymous


The Winter Swim Meet was held on Wednesday Feb 29th, at the D.A. Morrison Pool in Scarborough. There were individual freestyle races over 200, 50, 100 and 25 meters. These were hard fought, notably 25 meter sprint. The Meet was in the format of a team competition with the Flying Fish and the Mighty Marlins going head to head. The team scores were pretty much even going into the 6-person relay series.

Contestants were caught off-guard when new rules were imposed by coach Kim Lumsdon in her capacity as Starter and Chief Judge. The publicly-billed kicking relay was mandated by her to be a kicking-backstroke race instead. The fin relay was mandated to be performed in butterfly. And so on. The contestants were obedient. They did strokes they had never done before and probably will never do again in public to avoid embarrassment. Oddities such as life-jacket freestyle and inflatable-tube back-paddle engaged attention. Kim piled on extra relays for amusement and the teams splashed, kicked and paddled themselves to a standstill.

At the pub social afterwards, the points were tallied, the tallies were scrutinised, and final outcome of the Meet was declared a tie. Despite the fact that a tie was somewhat improbable, Elections Canada found no irregularities. (Story by John Hughes)

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