Bike Fit and Purchase Clinic Feb 28

28 Feb 2012 9:11 PM | Anonymous


Chris Bastie of Enduro Sport presented an excellent talk on the selection and fitting of bikes for triathlon. Chris was a customer relations rep at Cervello prior to his current position at Enduro Sport and has a comprehensive knowledge of the bike industry. Covering all aspects of bike design, construction, components and fit, Chris clearly described the options and choices available for new and used bike selection. He talked extensively about the differences in bike design and fitting for men and women. Most important to Chris is the fit of the bike, starting with the frame size and design, and then proceeding with customizing the fit through selection and positioning of seat and aerobar to achieve the best balance of aerodynamic position and comfort for the individual rider with respect to their riding and racing objectives. He stressed that the best fit for a rider changes through the season, and recommends regularly reviewing one’s riding position and bike fit adjustments. There is always something useful to be learned at a clinic and Chris provided a unique perspective. I’ll be applying many of Chris’s recommendations. (Story by Ted Rosen)

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