New Member Spotlight: Jeff Carroll

29 Feb 2016 6:31 PM | Anonymous

                                                                                                                            What inspired you to start participating in triathlons? I started following the Rich Roll podcast while backpacking last year and became obsessed with how I ate and how I was living. You can't listen to Rich or his guests without feeling driven to pursue something beyond your comfort zone. I think subconsciously I knew that I would eventually try to take on a triathlon, like Rich and many of his guests, but I also knew that if I did then there wouldn't be any half measures; I would go for an Iron-man right out of the gate. And I am. Life is short and I am impatient.

What triathlon-related moment are you most proud of, so far? Every day I show up and train is an accomplishment. It's defying the voices of fear, complacency, and rationality that hinder growth. I'll have an actual race under my belt soon enough. For now my nose is to the grindstone training.

Tell us about what you are working towards/hoping to accomplish next. I learned my lesson last year. My mind wants to go further than my body can often deliver. However, my body has also pushed farther than my mind has thought possible. It's that balance that I work towards. I have a goal, I break it down into bite size, manageable steps, and I push my body while listening to it and making sure I don't push it over the edge. Get in shape and avoid injury.

When you see me, talk to me about … Yourself. I get so cooped up in my own world and my own challenges that I would much rather listen to someone else and to their stories for a change. 

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