Rules of the Road

01 Jun 2015 7:52 PM | Anonymous
1.     Obeying all traffic law.
As cyclists, we are subject to the very same provincial and local laws that govern motorized vehicles. That, of course, includes all traffic signal and stop signs. We have received complaints from both our own members and those outside the club of cyclists wearing TTC gear ignoring red lights. This practice is dangerous – not only for the offending rider but also for other users of the road – and reflects poorly on the Toronto Triathlon Club and cyclists in general. 
It should not be tolerated. We call on you, our members, to call out cyclists disobeying traffic laws especially those wearing our kit. It is our collective responsibility to end this practice.

2.     Drafting in aero bars
The TTC strongly discourages the practice of drafting while in aero. This practice is not safe for roads open to vehicular traffic and sometimes unpredictable surface conditions.  Remember that when you’re in aero, you cannot immediately reach your breaks or take precise evasive action should it be necessary. If the rider in front of you performs an unexpected manoeuvre, you can easily end up crashing, injuring not only yourself, but anyone drafting behind you.
It’s not safe, so don’t do it. If you wish to ride in aero, do so at the front of a paceline, or keep at least 5m of space between you and the next rider up.

3.     Riding two-up or side-by-side
While the law in Ontario does not prohibit cyclists from riding side by side when safe to do so, we must all be considerate of other vehicles and fellow cyclists. Just like we expect motorists to share the road with us, so too must we share it with them.
It is therefore very important to be vigilant of vehicles approaching from behind and to shout ‘car back’ as soon as one is seen or heard. Upon hearing that warning, any riders not in the paceline should take action to fall in line.

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