Clinic Review - Racing Short and Fast

12 May 2013 12:23 PM | Deleted user
On Tuesday May 7th Nigel Gray held a clinic on 'Racing Short and Fast', focusing on training strategies and race tips specifically for sprint and olympic distance triathlons.

We had a great turnout at Enduro Sport and raffled away a few prizes, including a free entry to the 2013 Toronto Triathlon Festival, of which we are a Community Sponsor!

In case you missed it, Nigel's slideshow has been updated to the Clinic and Seminar Notes page in the Members Section: Link

Member Reviews:

"I did enjoy it, Nigel is a crazy knowledgeable speaker, and yes my expectations were met. The breakdown of the training program/plan was helpful (i.e that he gaves us examples of various options for tempo, interval & brick work) & the timing of the talk was good too (early enough so that you can make adjustments to training, and yet not TOO early so that you sort of forget the key messages)"

"I really enjoyed it! As someone who just started in the sport last year, this is the type session that I could have really used then. I was looking for a "sprint 101" overview and believe the session provided that. It was structured in a way that a newbie wasn't lost and a more seasoned person could learn or ask more detailed questions.
The speaker presents well and is able to clearly articulate the concepts for his audience. Would love to hear more of his race day strategies and lessons learned.
As a new member, I also appreciated the chance to meet others at the social afterwards."
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