Trish and Amy’s Amazing Race Canada!

16 Jul 2019 7:41 AM | Anonymous

In case you missed it, two Toronto Triathlon Club members, Amy de Dominico and Trisha Omeri are competitors on Season 7 of The Amazing Race Canada! We are so excited to have them represent the Toronto Triathlon Club and can’t wait to watch them take on the challenges of the race. We asked them a few questions about how their journey to the TTC and The Amazing Race Canada. Don’t miss them on The Amazing Race Canada, airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV!

Where did you meet? We met at the gym about three years ago.  We both had doing a triathlon on our bucket lists! Trish asked if anyone wanted to do one with me and Amy was totally on board!

How long have you been part of the Toronto Triathlon Club? We have both been members since 2017.

Why did you want to do the Amazing Race? We spent a lot of time learning about and training for our first few triathlons together.  We were already both fans of The Amazing Race Canada and thought we would be a great fit for the show.  We hope to inspire moms out there that it's okay to pursue your dreams and passions and still be great moms to our kids.

What was the best part about being on the Amazing Race? The best part of being on The Amazing Race Canada is getting to do wild stuff way beyond our comfort zones and the satisfaction, joy and excitement we got from overcoming those obstacles in the show.  Much like the feeling of finishing a triathlon race!

Did your training in triathlon help you in any way on the show?

Trish: Training for triathlons most definitely helped both physically and mentally.  Physically because I had been training all winter and spring for a half ironman and mentally because triathlon forces you many times to have to dig deep when you think you are out of gas and want to quit during a race.  Somehow there is always reserved energy in the tank and it’s our brain that allows us to access those reserves and keep pushing to the finish!  We had to dig deep many, many times during The Amazing Race Canada.

Amy: Training for triathlons most definitely helped both physically and mentally.  Physically because I train all year round in the gym, and had been keeping up my running distances, and mentally because triathlon forces you to really get inside yourself and tap into that inner strength when you think there is something that is too difficult for you to do. Our motto was “dig deep, we’ve got this” and we used it many times to get us through tough situations

What’s next?

Amy: For me, it’s continuing my training for the 2019 triathlon season and looking to do a full Ironman next year!

Trish: I just launched my online Health and Fitness Coaching business.  This past January I completed my Personal Training Certification and I am currently in the process of completing a certification in sports nutrition. I want to help mainly women, lose weight and keep it off by providing coaching on fitness, nutrition and the mindset wrapped up in the process of trying to get healthy and fit. I plan on running the Niagara Falls full marathon this fall and will get back to triathlon training this winter to complete a half Ironman next year.


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