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02 Apr 2019 6:52 AM | Anonymous

Event Profile: AGM, Outgoing President – Boni Griffith

The Toronto Triathlon Club held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) March 4, 2019 for 2017- 2018 fiscal year.  Club members attended and reviewed the past years reports and voted in our new Board of Directors. We asked our outgoing club President to reflect on her experience over the last year working with the Board and our members, the following is what she shared.


2018-2019 Club President: Boni

How long have you been involved with the TTC? I have been a member of the TTC since 2012 and active on the Board since 2016. I sought out the Club because I wanted to find likeminded people to socialize + train with. After several years I felt the need to give back to the Club so I put my name forward for the Board and it has been a very fulfilling couple of years.

Can you let us know about the importance of holding our club’s AGM? Our AGM is an important meeting for our members at which we share the business and progress the Club has made over the past year. At the meeting we share the Board’s accomplishments in servicing the members, review the financial statements, thank the outgoing Board members and vote in new Directors.

What are some things that members may not realize goes on behind the scenes to prepare for every AGM?  There is a great deal of coordination that goes into planning, preparing and executing the AGM which starts a month in advance. Our Social Director has to seek out and coordinate with the most appropriate venue. Our Treasurer + Bookkeeper must ensure financial reports are prepared and summarized for discussion. The remainder of the Board focuses on the presentation to summarize our accomplishments.

What did you like best about your experience as president of the Club? Experiencing firsthand the Board and our members’ passion for the Club and this crazy sport of triathlon. We are like a cult!

What kind of interesting things did you learn about the Club and triathlons from your time as president? The herculean effort that is required by the Board + Exec Director to plan, coordinate and execute the dozens of clinics, sessions and programs we have for our members.

What are your favorite races or race distances to participate in ? I did my first Sprint distance Tri in 2003 on my mountain bike and have been hooked ever since. Over the years I increased distances and did my first Ironman in July 2014. If you had asked me in 2003 if I would do an IM, I would have said you are crazy, now here I am training for my 4th

What are some of your favorite training tips or experiences that you like to share with our members when they talk to you about triathlons? Do what works for you, training volume, and timing of your training. Pick a goal race and focus on that but be sure to mix in some less serious races and perhaps non-tri races. I believe life is about balance so don’t be afraid to have that extra glass of wine!

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