Event Profile: Training – Indoor Swim

17 Dec 2018 6:22 PM | Anonymous

The Toronto Triathlon Club hosts indoor swim workouts throughout the City.  Club members looking to work on improving their swimming skills join weekly swim practices to learn from our many TTC coaches. We asked our members about their experience at this training opportunity, the following is what they shared.


Name: Erin

How long have you been involved with the TTC?

I joined in June 2017

Where do you swim with the TTC and how often do you attend training sessions? 

I swim with the Glendon group, once a week on Thursdays

Is this your first season participating with this training group, How did you get started swimming with the TTC?

This is my second season participating with this group. Swimming was the first reason I joined TTC. I had swum my whole childhood and worked as a lifeguard for a number of years. After having done a few marathons, I was looking for something new to try and with my swimming background, triathlons were a logical next step. A friend suggested I look at joining TTC.

Can you give a quick overview on what types of workouts you do at the training sessions?

This fall each week we’ve been focusing on one aspect of the freestyle swim. We start with a warm up and review of the previous week’s skill, then we do a main set with a variety of drills to help focus on the new piece. We’ve done everything from kicking to breathing to catch. Last year, in the winter session we focused more on speed and cadence.

What do you like best about this training opportunity provided by the TTC?

I like having a coach look at my stroke. It had been a long time since someone had corrected my form. Sam has done a great job in trying to find different ways to communicate how we all could improve, whether describing it in different ways or taking a video of us swimming and playing it back for us.

Overall what would you say was the biggest takeaway for your triathlon training and for yourself from this training experience?

The biggest takeaway that I’ve had from swimming with the group is that everyone can improve and that we all do it in different ways. There isn’t anyone in the group that has a perfect stroke. By watching and pushing each other we all improve

Can you share a fun moment from the training sessions?

On the last day of the swim session, we raced each other. Sam set up a series of relay races with different numbers of team members. He also joined a team. It was really funny the first time he swam a leg. We had all seen him swim before but never in a race. It was quite something :)

Anything else you want other TTC members to know about this training opportunity or the club?

There really is a swim lane for everyone. Looking at our swim group, there is a huge variety of skill levels. At practice there is a chance for everyone to learn and improve at their own pace.

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