Member Profile – Race Report, Ontario Women's Triathlon, Toronto Islands - 2018

01 Sep 2018 3:41 PM | Anonymous

Our Toronto Triathlon Club members train hard and race throughout the season, and everyone has a story form race day. One of our members has a story with a happy ending. The following is what they shared


Name: Jennifer

Race: Ontario Women's Triathlon, Toronto Islands

I raced the Ontario Women's Triathlon on the Toronto Islands. It was my second sprint triathlon of the summer. I've done some sprints before, and was aiming to finish strong, but for me, I'm typically middle of the pack in my AG. I'd joined the TTC in the spring and have been really enjoying my training.

I gave it my all on race day. I felt great in the swim because I didn't need a wet suit, and I knew I was 3rd out of the water in my wave. On the bike I passed one of those women, and on the run I lost track of everyone. I finished the race and eventually checked out the unofficial results. I found Jen Hayes in the list and saw I finished 5/20 in the 45-49 AG. I was massively disappointed and kind of surprised given I knew I was ahead in the water and on the bike. I looked at the list again and realized there were two Jen Hayes' in the list! The other Jen Hayes, this time with my bib number 255, showed 1/20 in the 45-49 AG. I couldn't believe it! I was thrilled! I knew I'd done well, and thought maybe a second place finish, but with this, I was elated to have my first ever first place finish in a triathlon.

I was super excited to stand on the podium - a new experience for me. My anticipation grew as the duathlon, relay and sprint AGs awards were handed out. My age group finally came up and... my name wasn't called. Three other women took their places on the podium and I was utterly confused and disappointed. I checked the results again on Sportstats, and sure enough, there was a DNF beside my name, even though I had finished the race completely and had had no penalties. I talked to the Sportstats people after all of the awards were complete and asked them what happened. They looked at my results and said, yep, your results look good. It's just a computer glitch. It happens. You got first place. By this time the crowds had dispersed, and even though my result was reinstated, I was still sad to have missed my chance to stand on the podium with my competitors. And I'm not sure if this will ever happen again!

The Sportstats guy went and got me a first place medal, but I still felt kinda bad that I didn't get my moment to celebrate wit

h the crowd. There were still a few people milling around so I asked one of them to take my picture on the podium as I told them what happened. They were very sweet and congratulated me heartily. One of the women had a trumpet with her (!) and gave it to me to add to the fanfare of my photo. We had a really good laugh. I'm attaching the photo because it's hilarious, and it shows my much scaled back and low key and super fun podium moment!! Woot!

Anyway, that's my story. I still can't believe how it turned out, but I'll just have to do more races and try for a repeat, minus the computer glitch!!

Thanks for reading!

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