Event Profile: Toronto Triathlon Festival 2018 Mixed Relay – Members

28 Aug 2018 8:20 AM | Anonymous

The Toronto Triathlon Club participated in this year's inaugural Mixed Team Relay Provincial Championships at the Toronto Triathlon Festival.  TTC entered two teams with a total of 8 participants.  We asked our members about their experience in this new and exciting event, the following is what they shared. 


Member, Name: Kate  

How long have you been involved with the TTC? Just a few months!  

Can you share your experience participating in this new and unique format of triathlon? It was the most nervous I’ve been for a race in a long time, but ended up also being the most fun I’ve had in a race in a long time! I went first, tried to keep up with some very speedy swimmers, stayed upright on a very short and technical bike, and ran a painful 1.5km! Twenty-five minutes later my work was done and spent the rest of the time cheering on both TTC teams.  

What were some of the differences between your regular individual races vs. this team relayFirst of all it was so much shorter! I do mainly distance races so going full throttle the whole time was definitely a different feeling! It was also draft legal, although I ended up riding alone. (Note to self, work on transition!) The dive start was also a little nerve-racking, but thankfully the goggles stayed on!  

What did you like best about this race opportunity provided by the TTC? It was really exciting to be part of something that hasn’t been done before, and to get the same treatment as the Juniors and Elites who were before and after us! Racing as part of a team always adds more pressure but it’s also a lot more fun. It was also a great way, for someone new to the club, to meet other club members.  

Overall what would you say was the biggest takeaway from this event for your triathlon journey or for yourself from this experience? Probably getting the opportunity to try something new. I’ve been in the sport for about 6 years now, so this new event was a great way to keep it exciting!   

Can you share a fun or interesting moment from the race? I fell off my bike riding home after the race briefing in front of my team members. I’m sure that gave them a lot of confidence in me for the raceI didn’t get to see any of the running dives in person, but I definitely enjoyed looking at the pictures afterwards, some people had a little more style than others.  

Anything else you want other TTC members to know about the club? Being new to the club, everyone was very welcoming and friendly! I look forward to meeting more people over the rest of the season!  


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