Event Profile: High Park Ride and Skills 2018 - Members

05 Aug 2018 11:42 AM | Anonymous

The Toronto Triathlon Club hosts weekly outdoor bike rides and skills at High Park in Toronto’s west end. Club members looking to work on improving their cycling skills join the group ride Tuesday nights to learn from Phaedra, one of our TTC coaches. We asked our members about their experience at this weekly training opportunity, the following is what they shared. 


Names: Jayme & Steve

How long have you been involved with the TTC? We joined at the end of the summer of 2015. The main reason was to sign up for the coached swims but we quickly realized there were a lot of other benefits to being a club member.

Is this your first season participating with this training group, how often do you attend training sessions? No, we rode with this group last year too. We come most weeks.

Can you give a quick overview on what types of workouts you do at the training sessions? Jayme - It’s mostly hill repeats (Centre, Ellis or Colborne) with some sprinting around the top loop. Within the set of repeats we practice different climbing strategies like riding big chain ring/low cadence, small chain ring/high cadence and out of the saddle. This year there was a skills session before the main ride which was great.

What did you like best about this training opportunity provided by the TTC? The motivation to get out and learn from a great coach! If we were doing repeats by ourselves we’d probably always be in the easiest gear!

Overall what would you say was the biggest takeaway for your triathlon training and for yourself from this experience? Jayme - With the skills session this year I learned how to stabilize the bike when descending which has already helped alleviate some of my fear when picking up speed.

Steve - Strengthened my hill climbing and taught me I don’t always need to use the easiest gear to get up a hill

Can you share a fun moment from the training sessions you attended?Nothing specific, Phaedra (the coach) and the group are really great. We share training tips, race reports and always have a good experience.

Anything else you want other TTC members to know about this training opportunity or the club? There are so many great free offerings that come with membership, it’s really just a no brainer


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