Member Spotlight: Pieter Wijnhoven

21 Mar 2016 8:20 PM | Anonymous

1) What inspired you to start participating in triathlons?

Actually I haven’t done any triathlon yet, but I have done two marathons and I cycled twice from France to the Netherlands in one week. When I moved to Toronto I thought it would be great idea to combine these disciplines.


2) Of the 3 disciplines, the one I excel at most is …  

None of them in particular, all three disciplines I find equally easy/hard.


3) What triathlon-related moment are you most proud of, so far?

Definitely the moment I finished my first marathon in Rotterdam (see photo)


4) Tell us about what you are working towards/hoping to accomplish next.

 I want to do as many sprint/Olympic triathlons this year as I can and who knows, maybe a half one as well.


5) When you see me, talk to me about ...

 My twin brother

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