8-Weeks to a Faster 10k (Program only)

  • 27 Apr 2021
  • 31 Dec 2021



Want to get faster on your 10k? Follow along on one of Coach Tara's custom 8-week 10k run program. This program will safely build your fitness, speed and help you get faster at your 10k run.

There are two levels of this program - high volume and low volume. You can choose which one to download and follow along with.

These are set up in Training Peaks, a free (or premium) online training tool that allows you to download the training program and upload your training device, so you can analyze what you are doing and how your training is progressing. 

Both programs are 100% FREE to CURRENT TTC members only and are available on Training Peaks now - the link and instructions will be sent when you register for the program.

Should you have questions about the program or would like to book a 30-minute paid consultation with Coach Tara, please reach out to her at tara@heal-nutrition.com.

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