Our Coaches


The Toronto Triathlon Club coaching staff are all NCCP Community Trained or higher to provide you with safe and effective training opportunities.  Their activities include:

  • Participation in our group training sessions,
  • Seminars on the theory and practice of triathlon,
  • Standardized training programs for club members and
  • Are available to answer training questions at all levels.

Tara Postnikoff - Triathlon Coach

Tara has been coaching triathletes since 2010 and runners since 2008. She is a Certified NCCP Triathlon Competition Introduction Coach and NCCP Cycling Coach [Intro to Comp -trained], Certified Personal Trainer, and Registered Nutritional Consultant. She founded HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) in 2006 with the desire to help people be healthy and fit! Tara works with athletes of all abilities. Tara has been participating in triathlon since 2007 when she completed her first Try-A-Tri. While Tara has completed races of all distances she has been competitive at the Sprint and Olympic distance races, participating on three ITU Age-Group World teams (Budapest 2010, London 2013 and Chicago 2015).

Tara is passionate about triathlon and coaching people to their goals in Triathlon.

Eric D'Arcy - Triathlon Coach

Eric been coaching athletes towards their running and triathlon goals for over 7 years. He is a trained NCCP coach (Triathlon and Cycling) and certified cycling instructor and works with athletes of all abilities – from those just learning to run – to Ironman competitors.

Eric fell in love with running and triathlon in 2004 and have developed an ever-growing passion for the sport – and for coaching others – helping them to achieve their goals. Eric has competed in various distances of running, cycling and triathlon events from 5km to Iron-distance.

Jeff Carrol

Sport(s) that you coach: Cycling and swimming

Certifications: NCCP Triathlon Community Coach

Coaching Philosophy / Why I coach: It wasn't long ago that I did my first triathlon so I remember the feeling of taking on something physically daunting like an Ironman. I enjoy coaching and motivating budding athletes into the sport so that they too can overcome the odds and achieve their own goals. 

When I'm not coaching I: Work in the film industry, listen to my favorite podcasts, and take every opportunity to stay active.

Miranda Tomenson - Triathlon/Swim Coach

Sport(s) that you coach: Swimming/Triathlon/Cycling

Certifications: NCCP Triathlon Community Coach, NCCP Swimming Skills Coach, RMT, MSc

Coaching Philosophy / Why I coach: I like to help beginner triathletes feel confident in the sport. I like to help more experienced triathletes become as strong/fit/fast as they can. I use a scientific approach to my training plans and a periodized program that is designed to help peak athletes for the summer race season. 

When I'm not coaching I: I am an RMT in west Toronto and a professional triathlete.

Phaedra Kennedy- Triathlon Coach

Sport that I coach: Cycling

Certifications: NCCP Trained in Triathlon, NAASFP Certified Run Coach

Why I Coach: I coach because I love to help people achieve things that they once thought were impossible.

Coaching philosophy: Coaching is like a partnership. In order for a partnership to be successful, you need to communicate clearly and you also need to be able to listen both empathetically and objectively. I believe that open and frequent communication is key to a successful coaching partnership.

When I’m not coaching I’m: Training, blogging, reading and making a mess in the kitchen.

Samuel Johnson - Swim Coach

Certification: NCCP level 1 swimming

Coaching Philosophy: I believe swimming smart is the best way to see results.  There should be a goal behind every meter swam in workouts, working towards efficient strokes.  In addition, to race fast, you need to train fast. As a swimmer you only get out what you put in.

When I'm not coaching I'm: Working on becoming a full time firefighter and playing water polo.

My favourite part about coaching is seeing athletes have break throughs in their events.

Kent Kikot - Swim Coach

Kent Kikot is able to bring a high level of swimming experience to the Toronto Tri Club through his 11 years as a competitive swimmer. Within this past decade of racing and training, Kent has developed and honed his technical skills in the pool, and become aptly capable at imprinting these skills upon other swimmers. "What we aim to do for these tri-athletes is translate their fitness on land into the water, and the best way to do that is to focus on technical aspects of the sport". Kent trusts that by stressing technique these athletes will see a greater improvement in their efficiency and speed through the water. Kent is an NCCP Community Trained coach in Triathlon.

Ben Devito - Run Coach

Ben Devito has been coaching for up to 5 years for various track and field teams. He has coached athletes in various age groups in different events. He is completing his bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Toronto. He is also currently training and competing for the University of Toronto Track and Cross country team. He’s has had his own athletic experiences as he has competed in numerous provincial and national championships for track and cross country. He has his NCCP level 1 sport coach as well as his fundamentals of movement certificate. 

Justin Duncan - Run Coach

A former student-athlete from the University of Tulsa, Justin competed in Track Cross Country, and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and is a sport conditioning specialist. Currently, Justin is training as a professional track athlete with ambitions to represent Canada in 2016. Justin’s unique background allows him to apply his experience and knowledge of the structure and function of the body to his athletes in helping them achieve their personal fitness goals. When working with Justin, you can expect a challenging and progressive training design specific for the individual. His focus is on not only training hard, but also training smart. Injury prevention, sport specificity, and long-term development are all key components to Justin’s training.

Michael Liberzon - Triathlon Coach


Michael is a triathlete, distance runner, coach, and personal trainer. He is an NCCP Trained Community Triathlon Coach, certified personal trainer, and a certified kettlebell instructor. An engineer by trade, Michael practices a scientific approach to training.

Michael’s passion for training and fitness came later on in life. He was on no varsity or high school track teams and only started training in his mid-twenties. His motivation and passion for endurance sports grew from fascination with the body’s ability to adapt. The ability of anyone to go ‘couch to half marathon’ in less than half a year – given motivation and appropriate training and nutrition – is what inspired Michael to take up coaching as a career.

Always searching for an edge in performance, Michael recently discovered the benefits of strength training. He is now convinced of its importance in endurance events. He believes that the adult amateur athlete will see substantial performance gains by incorporating strength and conditioning training in their regimen.

Rhea Hudson - Group Leader

Sport: Triathlon (swim, run)

Certifications: NCCP Triathlon Community Coach

Coaching Philosophy / Why I coach: When I first started doing triathlons, I was forever grateful to the far more experienced people that always took the time to answer my questions and give me advice. Now that I’ve been doing this for many years and have raced every distance of triathlon, I’m excited to give back and help others excel at this sport.

When I'm not coaching I: I’m training! In the summer, I like to hang out at the cottage...and train! This year I tried trail running and racing – a new challenge. It was loads of fun to take in some of the trail running events around the GTA. When I’m not coaching or training, I work as a medical researcher at Sick Kids Hospital.

Felicia Long - Group Leader / Assistant Coach

I was always an endurance runner but when I hit 40 I wanted a new challenge and saw the sport of triathlon as the perfect fit to meet that challenge.
I had grown up watching Ironman Hawaii on the television and these athletes seemed to be a breed apart. I started with Olympic distance as this was what I thought would be the ultimate challenge for me but through training and setting new expectations, I can now say I have run the gamut from Try-a-Tri all the way up to 


David Noseworthy - Group Leader / Assistant Coach

David first started racing triathlon in 1996.After a 13 year hiatus, he returned to triathlon in 2010 to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and set an example for his daughter.
After spending a few seasons showing up to races undertrained with disappointing results, David attended his first training camp with the TTC in 2013. That experience had a profound impact on his approach to training and his level of engagement with the sport.

David is passionate about helping other athletes achieve their goals and push beyond their perceived limits. David is an NCCP Community Trained Triathlon Coach, a three time Ironman finisher, and will be representing Canada at the 2016 ITU Age-Group World Championships in Cozumel.

Scott Rathbone - Group Leader / Assistant Coach

Certifications: NCCP Triathlon Community Coach

What I love: I love the community in triathlon, they are so friendly and encouraging at all levels. Then the three sports means I am always challenged and never bored with training.

Why I decided to coach/volunteer: I wanted to give back to the sport and club that has given me so much. I really enjoy seeing people improve and achieve their goals

When I'm not doing triathlon I: sleep ;) No really I enjoy hiking in the Ontario Provincial parks and travelling the world

Shannon Ross - Group Leader / Assistant Coach

I would say that the lure of triathlon and Ironman has been in the back of my mind since it first appeared on tv in the mid 80’s. It just seemed so cool and impossible at the same time. Something I could surely never do. Well, that proved to be wrong. I have been a member of TTC for quite a few years now and recently obtained my NCCP community coach qualification. Racing wise I have completed two Ironmans, (one in the top 10% overall), a few halves, a bunch of marathons and last year I even won the TTF for my age group. I have become a pretty decent racer thanks to the TTC, but it was not always this way. I would say that Triathlon has been a bit of a savior for me. Having been a participant in this sport during my high-school years and an all around extremely fit person, then frittering away my fitness and general health during my 20’s I reached a personal low point. A place where I did not want to be. After a cathartic realization I slowly slowly started to build myself back up from the ashes so to speak. I began by running a block or two at a time and long story short ended up running 10k for warmup. Over the course of this transformation I have learned a lot about this sport and what it takes to compete at a decent level. I am always willing to share what I have learned so that I can help other people achieve similar success. If you see me out there don’t hesitate to chat.

Sponsor Coaches

The Toronto Triathlon Club announced in May 2006 that NRG Performance Training would provide coaching services for the club. Head coach Nigel Gray and Associate Coach Fiona Whitby provide coaching services, with contributions by other NRG Performance Training staff as needed. NRG Performance Training specializes in endurance sports training. They combine science and experience to provide a balanced coaching program that keeps their athletes motivated, healthy and racing fast!

Sylvie Dansereau

Sylvie is a former professional long course triathlete with multiple top10 finishes as an elite athlete in long distance triathlons (IM and HIM) and multiple age group wins as an amateur at all distances. She has raced numerous Ironmans (with sub 10 hour finishes) with 3 qualifications at the IM world Championship in Kona, twice as a professional athlete and once as an amateur with a podium finish. She has received numerous awards including OAT short course and long course AG athlete of the year as well as Canadian long course AG athlete of the year among others. Before triathlons, Sylvie used to race competitively in rowing at the National and international level.

Sylvie is a triathlon coach (NCCP adult community and competition introduction) with over 10 year of full time coaching experience with NRG Performance Training. With personalized programs Sylvie has guided numerous athletes from all levels achieve their goals of anything from finishing their first triathlon to qualifying to the short course World Championships and IM World Championship and getting to the podium too! She created the training programs for the Toronto Triathlon Club and has over 10 years experience running numerous multi day camps, clinics, presentations and one on one sessions covering all aspects of triathlon training and racing. From her scientific background (Bsc Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), she uses her keen interest and knowledge of sound scientific principles combined with her extensive experience as an elite endurance athlete to design well balanced programs that are challenging yet flexible and adaptable to the athlete’s life context. She also uses her extensive racing experience to help her clients with the more subtle art of developing a good feel, understand and mental preparedness for their training and racing.

Nigel Gray

Nigel has been a prominent local triathlon coach for many years and in 2005 received the OAT Coach of the Year Award. He's been racing as a triathlete and duathlete since the early 1990's, with a key highlight being his 3rd place finish (top Canadian) at Ironman Canada 2005 (8:42) earning him at spot at the 2005 World Championships at Ironman Hawaii. Nigel brings a wealth of coaching experience to the club. Part of that knowledge comes from having trained and raced all over the world including North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He has experienced many highs and low in his professional racing career and is able to take his lessons learned and apply the knowledge to his athletes, in motivating and exciting them about their training and racing.

Fiona Whitby

Fiona's love for sports started early in high school where she ran cross-country in the fall, Nordic skied in the winter and ran track in the spring. After graduating from Queen's University where she earned her degree in Physical Education, her triathlon racing career started and she has competed in Sprint races up to the Ironman level. Fiona has been coaching athletes since high school where she taught sailing for 10 years. In her role as Director at Athletes First she has overseen the implementation of the coaching programs, designed and instructed triathlon clinics (from beginner to advanced), written clinic manuals and led indoor cycling sessions. Key certifications held by Fiona include being a Certified Athletic Therapist, Certified Bike Fit Specialist - Serotta & FIST, and Masters Swim Coach.

For more information on NRG Performance Training, please visit their website.

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