Indoor Cycling 2017/18

Consider visiting our sponsors for indoor cycling this season. 

Check out their schedules online and sign up for just $20-25 per ride on CLUB NIGHT (Note: these are not sanctioned club rides)

Dig Deep Cycling- 3385 Yonge St. (7 blocks north of Lawrence)

X3 Training Lab - 253 Broadview Ave (at Dundas Ave East)


Big Bricks:  A Big Brick is a group long ride and run off the bike. Brick training is essential to the success of a triathlete and maintaining that sensation of biking than running in the off-season will help you in the race season.  Also the extra endurance on the bike, once monthly will help progress your training without taxing the body.  These will be two hour rides followed by a 30min run. 

FTP Tests: Functional Threshold Power testing is important if you intend to train with power or with heart rate.  Your FTP value will help establish or update your power training zones and ensure you are working at the right intensity during your bike workouts.  Your FTP - and therefore your zones - will change throughout the year as your fitness increases or decreases.  It is therefore recommended to re-test every 8 weeks.

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